49 GWh Electricity is produced by 9.1 MW Akhalkalaki HPP

Akhalkalaki HPP project is a Hydro-power scheme located in Akhalkalaki municipality of Georgia.


Main Characteristics of the

Akhalkalaki HPP consist of two powerhouses on river Paravani and it is right tributary river Korkhistskali.


The Akhalkalaki HPP is about positive and sustainable impact

Akhalkalaki HPP Project provides not only a considerable direct investment in the municipality, but also aims to realise meaningful positive social and environmental impact through associated investments in the area.

Some of the project area investments which will be done in nearby villages include the following:

  • 400kW Pumping Station to irrigate 600 ha of lands

  • Construction of a sports hall

  • Replacement of 2.5 km potable water pipe

Project Location