We aim to continuously promote harmony between people, project, and the environment while contributing to the prosperity of society

Below projects were identified by local population


Orja Irrigation Pumping Station

The pumping station will be located on the Riv. Korkhi, right upstream of the connection bridge of the village and the main road.

The water will be diverted by an open channel to the pumping station, and then it will be pumped up to the irrigation network of the Orja agricultural lands.

This 400kW pumping station will serve around 600 ha of lands, and will improve the productivity of the lands of the village.

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Korkhi Sports Hall

A Sports Hall will be constructed in the village to serve youth to be involved in sports activities.

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Diliska Potable Water Pipe

2.5km of potable water old pipeline, which feeds the village will be replaced with new one.